Residential Roofing Materials

High quality roofing products

Your residential roof protects your family and friends underneath it and you want to make sure that you are using products that will hold up against the elements. This is all that ECR Roofing will use and you can trust our excellent reputation.

Residential roofing materials: 

• California cool roofs/title 24

• Fiberglass or composition roofs

• Concrete tile roofs (light weight and standard)

• Class “A” fire rated roofs

• Tile roofs (light weight and standard)

• Clay tile roofs

• Gravel roofs, modified, T.P.O.

Experienced roofers

Since 1952, ECR Roofing has been helping the residents of El Cajon with their roofing needs.  

You’ll appreciate our roofing materials that have been thoroughly used and tested over the years and are known for being durable and high quality.